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Kingfisher Pond

About The Lake

The youngest fishery on the complex is 'Kingfisher Pond, which has been created to add to the variety of fishing on the site.

Kingfisher Pond is approximately 1/2 acre with depths to 6 feet, and stocked with Tench, Bream, Roach, Rudd, and Carp.A lovely small fishery with three islands makes this a superb and very interesting little water.
Weed and lilies, nooks and crannies this is a wonderful little fishery for you to practise your 'watercraft'.

Heron Pool and Kingfisher Fisheries

  • Adult Day Permit (Dawn to Dusk only)      6.00 per Rod per Day
  • Junior Day Permit (12 years to 16 years)    3.00 per Rod per Day (Dawn to Dusk only)
  • Junior Day Permit (Under 12 years)            No Charge (Dawn to Dusk only)
  • All Juniors must be accompanied by, and be fishing adjacent to an Adult Permit holder.